The Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500-Quilting on a Budget!

Thanks for stopping by our site! Do you want to start quilting, but can’t afford a $6000 long arm quilting machine? If so, keep reading our review on the best sewing machine for quilting under $500. If you are in a hurry, you can check out our top pick if you CLICK HERE. Otherwise, keep reading our review and see if this information can help you. I just want to make sure that you understand that this is not the best quilting machine on the market. These are the best quilting machines if you are on a budget.

Check Out These Great Sewing Machines for Quilting!!

Features of The Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500

If you are looking for a sewing machine that also quilts, you are going to need certain features that come with the sewing machine. If you don’t have these features, you are going to have to either purchase them or go to a machine that is more expensive. Here is the list of features:

Wide Table-a wide table is not that important if you are doing small quilting projects, but as you get better at quilting and are going to do bigger quilting projects, you are going to need a wider working table.

Variety of Presser Feet-as you get better at quilting, you are going to want to make a variety of quilts. You are gong to want to make different thickness and size of quilts.

Easy To Adjust Top Thread Tension-problems arise when you use on type of thread for the needle and a different type of thread in the bobbin.

Good Quality Lighting-obviously when you are working with different patterns, you are going to need good lighting. You don’t want to do all of that work and realize that you did it wrong.

Features of the Singer 9960-Our Top Pick!

This was one of the hardest picks we ever had to make. As you can see in the table above that all of the sewing machines for quilting we looked at had 4.5 stars. Here are the features of the Singer 9960:

Extension table-as we talked about above, you need a large extension table to work on larger quilts. The Singer 9960 has a larger table than most sewing machines.

Variety of Feet- the Singer 9960 comes with 18 different presser feet which was one of the big reasons that we chose it over the others. With so many presser feet, your quilting ideas are endless.

Lighting-this machine offers excellent lighting.


Here is a great video showing you features of the Singer 9960

User Impressions and Reviews

Here are the pros and cons of the Singer 9960



The Singer 9960 has over 2000 reviews on it. If you would like to read them, please CLICK HERE.


Well, thank you very much for visiting our website. We hope you enjoyed our review for the best sewing machine for quilting under $500. We that sometimes money is tight, but you still want pursue a hobby. Like we said above, this was a very hard decision, but our top pick is the Singer 9960.

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